WhatsApp sends cease and desist letters to bogus companies in India

Companies in India claiming that they can aid people in sending out bulk messages on WhatsApp have been  warned to cease operations by the Facebook-owned messaging app on Thursday.

It has recently been highlighted how political activists and digital marketers are bypassing restrictions on forwards with the help of counterfeit versions of the messaging app and other software tools that cost as little as  ₹1,000.

As per a statement by WhatsApp, it is being stated that they have sent cease and desist letters to companies claiming to offer such services.

In light of the allegations that rumours spread on WhatsApp were associated to dozens of lynching incidents in 2018, the app had set a limit on forwarding messages to just  5 chats.

The initiative reduced the amount of forwarded messages on the platform by over 25 per cent.

Yet the counterfeit versions of the app appear to have  bypassed this restriction and political activists and digital marketers are reportedly jumping at the opportunity. Apps such as “GBWhatsApp” and “JTWhatsApp” have been allowing political party workers to bypass WhatsApp’s restrictions.

The company has seen that some attackers attempt to modify WhatsApp software and trade unauthorized APK files to get around the constraints coded into the client itself.


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