Delhi High Court Formulates Scheme For Redressal of Grievances Of Lawyers

The Delhi High Court has formulated a scheme to address the grievances of Members of the bar in Delhi District Courts and the High Court. The scheme was framed by Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and was notified by an order dated October 10, 2018.

He stated in the order that during the course of the functioning of the Courts, there often arise certain issues between the Bar and the Bench and these issues need to be redressed and resolved to ensure the effective and smooth functioning of the justice delivery system. Hence, it was decided, after due deliberations, to set up a permanent mechanism to provide a grievance redressal platform for resolving issues concerning the members of the Bar and the Bench.

The committee for redressal of concerns of members of the Bar Association at the district level comprises chairperson, a convenor and three members. The District & Sessions Judge of the concerned district will be the chairperson, the Administrative Civil Judge of the concerned district will be the convenor while the three members on the committee are—(i) President of the District Bar Association of that District (ii) Secretary of the District Bar Association and (iii) Nominee of the Bar Council of Delhi.

The committee constituted at the district level must amicably resolve the matters brought before it at the earliest opportunity. If some issue remains unresolved, it would be referred to the committee at the high court for the particular district. If even the high court committee is not able to resolve the issue(s) referred to it within six weeks of its receipt, the matter will be placed before the Chief Justice for consideration along with comments of the chairperson of the high court committee.

The scheme also outlines the scope of work for each of these committees. The committees will be responsible for making recommendations for ensuring the smooth functioning of the Courts and facilitating an amicable resolution of problems of the members of the Bar and the Bench at their respective levels.

Read the order below:

public notice from high court pdf


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