Saturday , October 20 2018
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Should There Be A Promulgation Of Minimum Education Qualification For Politicians?

It is undisputed that education is momentously fundamental for creating and sustaining, not just a Democratic State but a State by itself. Predominantly, possessing notable educational qualification is an implied requirement for lawmakers in most developed as well as developing economies and much weight lies on the same during elections. …

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Msme (Ministry Of Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises) Sector In India

The MSME sector in India, consisting of 36 million units, provides employment to over 80 million persons. The sector through more than 6,000 products, contributes about 8% to GDP, besides 45% of the total manufacturing output and 40% to the exports from the country. Due to the remarkable contribution of …

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General Data Protection Regulation

On 25th May 2018, The EU, after 2 years of its adoption, enforced the General Data Protection Regulation, which created waves globally with respect to Personal Data Protection. The GDPR, while replacing the Data Protection Regime governing the EU (Data Protection Directive), aims at harmonizing rules across 28–nation EU block. The …

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