Roshanara Rauf

A critical analysis of ‘Rajasthan Cylinders and Containers Ltd. v Union of India and Another’

Price parallelism is a term used in Competition law where the traders change their prices simultaneously, in the same direction and proportionally. Since such practices result in monopoly prices in goods, it is considered harmful to the consumers. This article makes an attempt to analyze this phenomenon in light of …

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Transparency in Public Procurement by E-procurement

Due to the growing need for enhancing transparency in public procurement as well as to ensure accountability and fairness and to promote competition in the bidding process, the Government of India, as well as the State Governments have taken several initiatives like e-publishing, e-procurement, Government e-marketplace etc. in the realm of public procurement.  This article delves into the e-procurement process and its possible benefits and setbacks.

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Analysis Of The Law Relating To Color Marks With Respect To Christian Louboutin’s Red Sole Trademark

The world of color marks is as fascinating as it is outrageous, where well-established brands pick a fight to ensure that no one piggybacks on his or her reputation and success or rather, he or she does not sail under false colors! While many products are recognized by the distinct …

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