Samsung wins patent battle at Federal Circuit

On 23 May 2019, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit handed a victory to Samsung Electronics Company in a patent dispute and inferred through a precedential decision that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board had been right to locate that the greater part of the cases of US patent number 9,189,437 was self-evident.

The patent, called “Analog data generating and processing device having a multi-use automatic processor”, is claimed by Germany-based Papst Licensing, a company which provides license in patency and litigation services.

Since Papst sued several companies for infringement law of patency including the’437 patent, in reply companies filed a petition for inter partes reviews(IPRs).

Samsung mentioned IPR of the ‘437 patent, which covers an interface gadget for communication between a data device (on one side of the interface) and a host PC (on the other), in February 2017.

The gadgets organization said the patent was evident dependent on a mix of US patent number 5,758,081 (Aytac), a distribution setting out the norms for the little PC framework interface-2 (SCSI), and “conceded earlier workmanship” (what the ‘437 patent detail portrays as earlier craftsmanship).

In its last, the Board discovered that claims 1–38 and 43–45 are unpatentable for conspicuousness dependent on a mix of the earlier art. On appeal, Papst displayed three contentions, however, one of them fell at the principal obstacle.

The German organization had tested the board’s finding that Aytac educates an “automatic recognition process that uses only SCSI rather than requiring additional software”.

Nonetheless, the court inferred that Papst’s contention didn’t show up until the appeal, and such a dispute is “relinquished if not reasonably exhibited to the board”.

Papst’s different contentions, which tested the PTAB’s and the board’s finding of what Aytec educates, were additionally expelled by the court. “We reject those arguments for two reasons: they are barred by issue preclusion, and they fail on their merits,” said Circuit Judge Richard Taranto, on behalf of the court.


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