Kurkure & PepsiCo get 16,600 pieces of content removed from Facebook via a single Delhi High Court order

Between July and December 2018, Facebook expelled 16,600 pieces of content out of 17,713 in light of legal demand by India’s law authorization offices, courts, and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). According to Facebook’s latest transparency report, it was all related to Pepsico.  From 1500 pieces to 17,713 number of restricted contents, a steep rise in the number of takedowns can be observed.

29 items were further restricted because of the orders from various other courts related to defamation. Only 28 pieces of contents are restricted on Instagram which is comparatively very less. Globally 46% of the content is restricted and 93.71% content is restricted in India.

An interim order has been obtained from the Delhi High Court which prayed to delete hundreds of posts from various social media. PepsiCo in its petition stated that these posts encourage that its kurkure contained plastics. As a result, an order was passed to remove 3412 Facebook links, 20,244 Facebook posts, 242 youtube videos, 6 Instagram links, and 562 tweets. A John Doe order, known as an “Ashok Kumar” was pronounced in favor of PepsiCo to block all those posts after considering “just exceptions”. From 4,800 in July-Dec 2013 to 15,000 in July-Dec 2015 to July-Dec 2018, there has been a steep increase in the number of restrictive contents of India.



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