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Kurkure & PepsiCo get 16,600 pieces of content removed from Facebook via a single Delhi High Court order

Between July and December 2018, Facebook expelled 16,600 pieces of content out of 17,713 in light of legal demand by India’s law authorization offices, courts, and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). According to Facebook’s latest transparency report, it was all related to Pepsico.  From 1500 pieces to 17,713 …

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Gammon India-Shrishti CBD project suspended by MP RERA

A decisive step has been taken by MP RERA to suspend Bhopal CBD Project Srishti CBD of Promoter Deepmala Infrastructure Private Limited Gammon House, Mumbai, with quick impact. Promoters are allowed to accept construction and development work. MP RERA’s decision to suspend this project came into being when after constant …

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